Aaaand, he's off...

After a full month of Jonathan taking baby steps and not letting us get any of it on film, he's finally taken off!  Two days ago he decided walking was where it was at.  He kept taking more and more steps and now he's walking around just about as much as he's crawling.  And as I type this, he's rearranging furniture by pushing the coffee table across the room.  Tomorrow he'll be running.

Here's a video of various clips from the last couple of weeks.  Check out the last bit where he so easily pops up and walks as he's crawling out of the front door. 


Jonathan is 11 months old!

At 11 months old, Jonathan:
  • is on the move!  He's crawling, scooting, climbing and walking (5-6 steps at a time).  The walking is still hit-or-miss, but he's taking more and more steps each day.  He refuses to let me get any video, though!  Taking pictures has gotten difficult, as well.
  • is wearing size 12 month clothes.
  • is still wearing size 3 diapers.
  • imitates our noises.
  • tries to say "hi".
  • is just about down to one nap a day.  Some of that is because it's easier to keep him and Kaitlyn on the same nap schedule.  He also still sleeps great at night...12-13 hours.  Amazing!
  • loves to play with Kaitlyn.  His favorite is climbing onto the couch and bouncing wtih her.
  • gets so excited when Daddy comes home from work.
This is often what happens after he takes a couple of steps:

Happy 11 months, Jonathan! xo


4th of July and other tidbits

We had a fairly quiet weekend at home for the 4th of July.  Being that we were in the middle of potty training bootcamp, we didn't get out much.  On the fourth, we took the photos below then headed to the pool.  Kaitlyn continues to do well in the water, venturing onto the deeper steps and getting more comfortable putting her face in the water. 



We love that one above.  Ron came up with the perfect caption: "235 years?  Can you count that high?  What's a year?"
 Our cute little firecrakers.

Potty training has been going really well.  We are completely done with diapers, but not 100% trained yet.  For the most part, Kaitlyn starts to pee in her underwear, but quickly tells us and finishes on the potty.  The majority of the time, we just need to change her underwear and there is no major mess.  Howver, today was a different story.  She had quite a few accidents and seemed to have no interested in getting to the potty.  I'm told this regression is normal.  I hope it passes soon.  The scooter she was promised as her reward arrived today, but we're not showing it to her until we are completely done.  Cross your fingers that we're almost there.


I recently bought a bottle of Mr. Bubbles for the kids' bath.  I'm not sure who likes the bubbles more, Kaitlyn or our gnome.



If all goes as planned, today will be the last day that Kaitlyn wears diapers.  Tomorrow morning we start the 3-Day Potty Training plan.  I've heard it realistically takes about 5 days, so hopefully by this time next week we will be back to buying only one size of diapers again.  Kaitlyn seems quite excited about it.  We've really been talking up the fact that she's a big girl and we'll be throwing away her diapers and she'll only wear underwear from now on.

Today I reminded her that once she's potty trained she gets a scooter as a reward.  We've been telling her that for months now, but today it really made her eyes sparkle--I think she knows how close she is to finally getting it.  I went ahead and ordered a scooter from Amazon tonight---thinking positive!  So, tonight we're rolling up the nice rugs and draping the couch cushions with towels.  During this long holiday weekend we'll be hunkered down at home, keeping a watchful eye on Kaitlyn.  Here she was tonight before bed in what we hope is her last diaper:

In other milestone news, I realized today that this cabinet space will soon be empty. 
No more stockpiles of Gerber food, no more formula and no more bottles.  (And as I typed that, I got a lump in my throat.)  I've already stopped my Amazon subscription of food and formula so what you see is all that's left.  It's so hard to believe how fast Jonathan's first year has gone by.  The birthday-boy shirt has been purchased and the party plans are in full effect.  This is the theme we're going with:
Cute, isn't it?

My foot is still kind of bothering me.  Not always, but sometimes I'll just feel some bruising type of pain and other times I feel a sharp annoying pain.  I still haven't been able to run and I want to so badly, but I'm holding off until I get the full clearance from my doctor.  Kaitlyn still chants, "No more boot!"

We've had more progress with Kaitlyn in the pool.  She's going under water more and getting more adventurous about moving off of the steps.  Today for the first time, she lowered herself into the pool and hung on to the wall.  Then (in the shallowest end) she hung onto the wall, but lowered herself until she could stand on the floor of the pool.  The water was well above her head.  We've had lots of great baby steps lately, so I'm hoping in a few more weeks she'll be close to swimming again.
Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend!
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