4th of July and other tidbits

We had a fairly quiet weekend at home for the 4th of July.  Being that we were in the middle of potty training bootcamp, we didn't get out much.  On the fourth, we took the photos below then headed to the pool.  Kaitlyn continues to do well in the water, venturing onto the deeper steps and getting more comfortable putting her face in the water. 



We love that one above.  Ron came up with the perfect caption: "235 years?  Can you count that high?  What's a year?"
 Our cute little firecrakers.

Potty training has been going really well.  We are completely done with diapers, but not 100% trained yet.  For the most part, Kaitlyn starts to pee in her underwear, but quickly tells us and finishes on the potty.  The majority of the time, we just need to change her underwear and there is no major mess.  Howver, today was a different story.  She had quite a few accidents and seemed to have no interested in getting to the potty.  I'm told this regression is normal.  I hope it passes soon.  The scooter she was promised as her reward arrived today, but we're not showing it to her until we are completely done.  Cross your fingers that we're almost there.


I recently bought a bottle of Mr. Bubbles for the kids' bath.  I'm not sure who likes the bubbles more, Kaitlyn or our gnome.

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