Jonathan is 1 Year Old!

At one year old, Jonathan:
  • wears size 3 diapers and size 12 mo - 18 mo clothes.
  • "talks" so much.  He just babbles on and on about what he sees around him.
  • loves to dance.  When he hears music, he starts to move.
  • points at everything.
  • loves Daddy!  In the last few weeks Daddy has really become his favorite person and he says "dada" all day long.  On the weekdays, Kaitlyn tells him, "Daddy's at work, buddy."
  • walks like a pro!  He's picking up speed and only occassionaly has a stumble when he can't keep up with his own momentum.
  • mimics us.  He laughs out loud when we do and when Kaitlyn gargles, he does the same.  Silly kids.
  • is eating all sorts of "big" food.  He transitioned from formula to milk like a champ and has had no reactions to all of the new foods he's eating.
  • does the cutest thing: when we're sitting on the floor playing, he'll walk over to us, turn around and back up to sit on our lap.  I love it.
  • will be going fo rhis 12 month check up next week.  I'll post updates on height/weight, etc.
  • continues to be an amazing sleeper.
  • is in a new convertible "big-boy" car seat, but he will remain rear-facing (see why here).

Happy birthday, Jonathan!

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