Kaitlyn is REALLY swimming again!

After seeing the video of how well Kaitlyn has been doing in the pool, Ron was eager to see the action in person. We decided to head to the pool bright and early this morning to get some practice in before Ron had to be to work. Kaitlyn seemed excited to show off her skills telling Daddy she was going to show him how she swims to the steps. When we got to the Rec Center, she didn't want to swim. Figures! After some time in the kiddie pool, then time playing on the steps in the big pool, I told Ron to just grab her (you have to be sneaky or she runs out of the pool when she sees you coming for her) and tell her we're going to swim. She didn't put up too much of a fight, but as you'll see in the video if you don't stay next to her, she bolts out of the pool as soon as her feet touch the steps. After the second time she bolted, Ron said he didn't want to push her too much. I insisted she needed the push--she was doing so well, making such great progress and for the first time all week, she wasn't crying. He brought her back in and the next time she got out, we had to practically carry her out because she didn't want to leave. She was actually asking to swim to the steps! It was amazing. This was all in a span of about 30 minutes and as you'll see (at about 1:35 in the video) she's also started using her arms/hands.

I took her back this afternoon and she continued right where she left off this morning. Without any hesitation she told me to "go away", meaning away from the steps so she could swim to me.  She must have gone back and forth between me and the steps 50 times. She was so quick to swim, get to me or the steps, then jump back in and do it again. I had to force her to take breaks. We practiced swimming to the wall and she even jumped in and swam to me. I'm so happy to have our little swimmer back! Hopefully, we can get enough practice before the weather cools off so we don't have start all over again next summer!

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Grandma xoxoxox said...

Time to sign up for baby olympics.Proud of you Kaitlyn.xoxox

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