The Kids

You'll often hear me complain about the trials and tribulations of parenthood.  Kaitlyn is definitely going through the terrible years.  Let's face it, it's not just the twos.  Someone recently said to me, "Whoever wrote the book on terrible twos, wrote it before their kid turned 3."  I've even jokingly described her behavior as resembling bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.  (Not to make light of those very serious illnesses, but it's the best way I can describe it.)  One minute she's crying for a certain food/toy/tv show and I give it to her.  She then throws a fit that she doesn't want said food/toy/tv show.  It's really awesome.

With Jonathan getting older, they are playing together more.  Often times it's Jonathan chasing after Kaitlyn, trying to see what his big sister is doing and wanting to be part of it.  Kaitlyn's response is usually, "No, Jonathan.  Go away!  It's my toy!"  We've been trying to teach her to calmly tell Mommy or Daddy, "I don't like what Jonathan is doing, please move him."  Sometimes she does, but mostly she screams at him.  The other day as she and I played downstairs, we heard Jonathan on the baby monitor "talking" in his room after waking up from a nap.  Without skipping a beat, Kaitlyn said, "No, Jonathan, I'm playing with this toy!"  He wasn't even in the room...or on the same floor of the house.  Sigh.
Thursday afternoon was so different.  The three of us laughed, danced and played together and it was awesome.  Kaitlyn had such a great time with Jonathan and he was so excited to play with her.  Here are some funny videos I got:

One of my favorite moments that I unfortunately didn't get on video was when the three of us did a quick round of "Ring Around the Rosie" then Kaitlyn walked away to go play with a toy.  Jonathan walked over to her and tried to grab her hands so they could dance again.  It was the sweetest!

When Ron works his later shift, he usually gets home as the kids are getting ready for bed.  The kids can hear him when he walks in the door downstairs and they get super excited that Daddy's home.  Here's a video of the excitement.  Who wouldn't love to walk in the door to a greeting like this?


Dad said...

Always love reading your updates. You are so blessed that the kids are close together in age. What a pair of dolls they are.

Love you all and miss you all.

Papa G

Grandma. said...

That is the cutiest, I know we are ALL very proud of them and you & Ron.
Love you all.xoxox

Charmaine said...

Those are precious videos!!

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