Four Years ♥

Today, Ron and I are celebrating four years of marriage. We're heading out of town for 2 nights to celebrate (with the kids), but I have no idea where we're going. Ron planned it all and I'm excited for the surprise! I'm sure there will be lots of pictures when we return.

Ron, thank you for making the last 4 years the best years of my life. I'm a lucky gal to call you mine and Kaitlyn and Jonathan have no idea how lucky they are to have you as their father. And thank you for being thoughtful and planning this trip. I know it's going to be wonderful!

Happy Anniversary, Bubba! I love you. xo


Charmaine said...

Have a great anniversary getaway. Who's keeping the kids for you?

Hubby/Dad said...

just saw this tonight...thank you very much :)

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