Weekend Adventures: Caesarea & Israel Railways

Two weekend's ago we got out of the house and braved the heat to go see some sites.  Sorry for the delay in pictures...

We drove about 30 minutes north to Caesarea, an antient port city built by Herod the Great over 2,000 year ago.  I won't bore you with the details here, but you can check out wikipedia if you want to learn about the history.

 Ron having his "Gladiator" moment.
There were some cool holograms of historical figures that told of their influence in the area.
 They kind of freaked Kaitlyn out at first.
 Jonathan zonked out on our way back to the car and slept the whole way home.
It was nice to get out and see some of the amazing history that surrounds us in Israel.

Whenever we go to the mall or to the pool, we pass some of the Israel Railways train tracks.  More often than not, we have to stop at the crossing and Kaitlyn loves watching the trains go by.  She even gets excited when she can hear the trains while we're swimming in the pool at the Rec Center.  Ron decided we needed to surprise her and take her on the train.

We didn't tell her where we were going and when we pulled up to the train station, she kept asking where we were.  She was quite surprised when a train pulled up to the building a few moments later.

We only rode the train south a few stops. When we got off at the 3rd or 4th stop, we just headed to find the northbound train back home, never leaving the train station.  Once we were back in our car on the way home, Kaitlyn cried because she wanted the train to take us to our house.  The kids really enjoyed it and Kaitlyn still talks about it.

A fun day out wouldn't be complete without ice cream!

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