Trick or Treat!

A couple of weeks ago we took our first trip to the Carmel Markel in Tel Aviv.  We were happy to find pumpkins at one of the produce vendors.  Kaitlyn and Daddy were ready to turn the pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern before we went trick-or-treating Saturday night.  Kaitlyn was super excited about her first pumpkin carving! 

She didn't expect that to be inside.

 Ron drew the first eye and Kaitlyn wanted to do the rest.  She drew the second eye and turned to ask "Is this perfect, Daddy?" :)

 Reaching in to help with the dirty work.

After the pumpkin carving, we got ready for our friends to come over for pizza before the Trick-or-Treat event. 
I made these cute little pudding cups for the big kids.

After everyone was full from pizza, we got the kids in their costumes and headed outside to start collecting candy.
We would have taken more pictures, but it was hectic getting 7 kids dressed and out the door.

The streets were crazy, but the kids had a great time!  Kaitlyn was a lot more tolerant of the crowds than I thought she'd be.  She stuck close with her Buzz Lightyear friend.

Jonathan had a BLAST!  He didn't do any trick-or-treating, but was happy to just freely walk around checking out all of the costumes.  Because he's still not completely steady on his feet, he looked like a true brainless scare crow stumbling around.

We had a great night!  After one more snack, and Kaitlyn taking a moment to check out her loot, the kids were off to bed.

Happy Halloween!

And just a little bonus, this is a project I did with the kids...handprint spiders!

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Grandma said...

I just love seeing all these pictures, puts a smile on my face. They are so adorable and jonathen does a good job of walking.They look so cute.
Love y'all

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