Weekend Check-in + Friday Photo Dump

This is my last weekend before I officially become a "working mom".  Does that mean up until now, I was a "playing mom"?  Ha!  We've had a relaxing weekend so far, trying to keep the kids from getting sick (Kaitlyn has been feeling under the weather today) and trying to find ways to entertain ourselves during the rainy afternoons.  

I feel like I have lots to do before Monday.  I just hope I can start the week feeling ready and not stressed and unprepared.  I'm looking forward to this new challenge.  My stomach still turns when I think about being away from the kids for 3 days a week, but it could be worse.  And I think it will be good for all of us.  We'll see...

Once again, a day late...


Cookies for Santa- Year 2

Ok, last catch-up post before I blog about my family's visit to Israel.  :)

Like last year, a week before Christmas Kaitlyn and I made cookies for Santa.

Jonathan didn't help much, but he sure did enjoy eating them!
Once again, it was a little hectic with Kaitlyn not wanting to follow directions.  We still had a fun time and I think Santa liked the cookies.  I forgot to get a pic of the final products this year, but they were yummy!  Want to be shocked?  Take a look back at last year's cookie photos to see how much Kaitlyn has grown.
This week's photo dump...


Photo Frenzy

I still have few catch-up posts to blog, but I wanted to get this one up...

Ron got me a tripod and remote shutter for Christmas (thank you, babe).  We've only used it a handful of times, but  I love having the ability to be in the pictures and take family pictures without relying on someone else being there to take them for us.  Here are some of the fun ones we've gotten so far:
Kaitlyn and I had some photo-booth-style fun while Jonathan napped.
On my birthday, we used it to get a photo of the family as they sang "Happy Birthday" to me.  My birthday "cake" was a carton of Ben & Jerry's Chucnkty Monkey.  Yum!
I obviously need some practice hiding the remote when I take the pictures!

Some of you may remember this time last year when I started a version of Project Life...taking one picture every day and creating a scrapbook.  I loved it.  I loved having photos of our family and our everyday lives.  What I started to not love was the scrapbooking part of it.  The layouts of the photos, choosing what colors to make the backgrounds, etc.  Don't get wrong, I think they are gorgeous, but actually doing them took a lot of time.  Then I fell behind on getting them done and playing catch up became too overwhelming so the project just died.  I'm sure I still took a picture a day (or close to it), but I didn't do anything with most of them.  As much of a big, fat failure the project was last year, I'm trying again.  This time, even more simplified...no creative layouts, coordinating colors, just the pictures.  Some will be taken from my nice camera, but I'm sure most will come from my iPhone because it's the camera I always have with me.  (Hopefully, blogged at the end of each month.)  Additionally, any other random photos I take (strictly from my phone) will get "dumped" here once a week.   


Jonathan is 16 months old!

I realize this is almost a month late, but I'm still playing catch up...
This was probably the last picture taken of Jonathan's perfect grill.  He fell and chipped his front tooth a week later.

At 16 months old, Jonathan:
  • is wearing size 3 diapers, but will soon move up to size 4.
  • is wearing 12-18 month size clothes.
  • walks, runs, jump, dances...you name it, he's doing it!
  • has taken after his big sister and become such a little dare devil.  He likes to climb on everything and has discovered that if you tip things over (like the laundry basket, a trash can, toy bins) they become step stools for aiding in climbing higher.
  • also takes after his momma.  He's a klutz!  He likes to do everything his sister does, but he's not nearly has stable. 
  • says "mama", "dada", "this", "shoes", "ball", "woof", "more" and "ho, ho, ho".
  • is learning sign language.  He can sign "more", "please", "thank you", "all done" and "eat".  When you ask him to sign he gets bashful.  It's really cute.
  • got his first haircut.  And I'm a bad mom for not getting one single picture.  In my defense, it required both Ron and I to hold/distract him while the guy nervously snipped his scissors as Jonathan shook his head. 
Happy 16 months, J-bird!




Getting Ready for Christmas

--Another catch-up post.--

On November 26, we heard a knock on our front door.  Kaitlyn opened the door to find this. 
Yes, we started the Elf on the Shelf tradition in our home.  For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's an elf that Santa sends from the North Pole to keep an eye on your kids.  Each night he uses his magic to fly to the North Pole and report your child's behavior to Santa.  One of the first things you're supposed to do is name him.  It took Kaitlyn 3 days to finally come up with a name.  She didn't exactly get the concept, so she wanted to just call him "Elf".  After reading the story that comes with the elf several times, one of the suggested names finally struck a chord with her.  Meet "Fisbee". 
Every night when Fisbee would return from the North Pole, he would get comfy in a different part of the house.  Kaitlyn and Jonathan really enjoyed searching for him each morning.  Some people really go all out and place their elf in creative setups.  Some even took some pretty funny R-rated photots.  Maybe next year we'll get more creative--I'm just happy we never forgot to move him this year!

The same day, we put up our Christmas tree and decorated the house for the holidays.

Here's a video of the cuteness that took place while we were decorating.  Disclaimer: If you're not family, you'll probably find the video quite boring. :)


A couple of days later, we got the kids dressed up for our Christmas photos.  I love how they turned out!

As expected, the kids didn't want to sit with Santa and Ron and I had to get in the picture.

It's funny how Kaitlyn chose the same pose as last year.
Yummy cookies quickly made things better.
Kaitlyn made an ornament.

The next day, we had a friend come over to take our family pictures for our Christmas card.

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