A Colorful Celebration for Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn had a wonderful birthday weekend. Thanks to Jonathan, we were all up bright and early on Friday morning (4:30a).  At about 5:00a we realized we were up for the day so we headed downstairs to let Kaitlyn open her presents.  The big present from us was a big-girl bike.  She was excited (yes, it's still dark out...it was just after 5)!

She hopped right on and took it for a spin like an old pro!  Then she took a break to open gifts.
She got quite a few puzzles and she had to put each one together as she opened them....and she's good.

 Ron took Kaitlyn outside before he went to work so she could take the bike for a proper spin.

The bounce house we rented for her birthday party was delivered and she spent much of the day in it.  She even sat in there to work on her puzzles.

 We ordered "Chinese noodles" for dinner (one of Kaitlyn's favorites) then we were ready for cake!
On Saturday, we had some of Kaitlyn's friends over for her party. It was a great day!  Here are some of the details...
Each kid got a pack of crayons and a bag of edible crayons.  I took vanilla wafer "cigars", dipped the ends in candy melts then wrapped them with crayon wrappers I printed on color paper.  Each crayon had the child's name on it.  They were a hit! :)

My first attempts a making Cake Pops.

Also, my first attempt at rainbow cupcake batter. 
They say this wasn't planned.  I'm not so sure.

 This was as close to "in" the bounce house as Jonathan would get.
It was a great day and we're pretty sure everyone had a great time.  Well, most everyone. :)

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Grandma xox said...

Wow, you are amazing, everything looked great, you out do your self all the time. Love to all.xoxoxo

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