Dairy Farmers for a Day

The day after we went to the Soreq Cave, we joined a group from the embassy for a day at a dairy farm.  When we arrived, the kids gathered grass.

...and fed the bunnies.

Jonathan really like this little guy.  Once the bunnies were full, we got to go into his pen and get a closer look.
At first, Kaitlyn didn't want to go near him, but after seeing all the kids around him she finally gave him a chance. 

Next, we prepared bottles so we could feed the baby cows.

This calf was a bit aggressive.  He pulled the bottle out of our hands.

The second calf we fed was much calmer so Kaitlyn bravely gave him the bottle. 

Once all the calves were fed, the "Farmer" asked Kaitlyn to help him.  Without skipping a beat, she went right along with him.
The kids paid close attention as he explained that we'd be making chocolate milk and butter. Yummy!
 Jonathan got to help skim the fat from the milk for the butter.
 He was quite proud of himself.

Kaitlyn helped mix the chocolate milk.
Then had a taste...delicious!
She shared with her brother.
Then he realized he needed his own cup.  Smart boy!
Jonathan found a little girlfriend for the day.  This is Naomi.  Isn't her outfit adorable??
She gets all of Kaitlyn's hand-me-downs and she just happened to be wearing one of Kaitlyn's old outfits this day.  :) They held hands all afternoon. It was pretty darn cute.
We ended the day with a picnic in the nearby nature reserve.

The kids had a great time and it was quite a fun experience.

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