Happy Easter!

We had a great, but exhasuting Easter weekend!

When Ron and Jonathan got back from hiking yesterday we dyed Easter eggs.  (Please excuse the messy kitchen.)
They were so proud! 

Kaitlyn woke us up bright and early this morning and said she wanted to find where the Easter Bunny had hid the Easter eggs.

Someone looks like they could have slept a little longer...
Considering it was his first egg hunt, Jonathan found eggs like an old pro.
Kaitlyn was such a sweet big sister, letting Jonathan have the big basket while she took the little felt bag to collect eggs.  She even gave him a couple of eggs when he declared the ones she'd fine "mine". 
Daddy took a moment to have his first taste of a sugary treat after giving them up for Lent.
Once all the eggs were found, the kids dug into their loot.
After church to we headed to our friend's house for a yummy Easter lunch and another egg hunt.
We hope everyone had a very happy and blessed Easter!


Grandma said...

OMG to cute, I felt like i was there with them, I was telling Jonathan BEHIND YOU Jonathan look behind.

Nana G said...

So Sweet!xoxo

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