Bye Bye Baby

Jonathan has recently gone from being an absolute saint at bedtime to screaming like a mad child when it's time for him to go to bed.  He's fine until it's time to actually lay in the crib.  To top that off, this has been happening more often...
Last night I must have put him back in bed about 15 times (while he threw a fit) until he decided he wanted to lay on the floor.  He ended up falling asleep there and we put him in the crib later when we were going to bed.  We thought maybe he was just upset about being confined to the crib, so tonight the kids helped Ron take apart the crib. *sniff*
Almost ready...
 Once it was all done, he wanted nothing to do with the bed and wouldn't even get into it for a picture.
Bedtime was just as difficult tonight and he's currently on the floor again.  Whatever makes him happy!  Hopefully, he'll get over this phase soon. 

I just can't believe we're done with cribs already!  :(
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