Monkey Girl

Kaitlyn has always been a little monkey and as she's gotten older, her skills have gotten more impressive.  Here are some recent examples:


Little Fishies

We've been spending quite a bit more time at the pool as the days have gotten hotter.  Much like last year, Kaitlyn was not interested in actually swimming, she just wanted to play and splash on the steps.  As much as we'd encourage her and remind her that she knew how to swim, she wasn't having it.  One morning at the pool, as she protested our requests to practice swimming, some of her friends started arriving at the pool.  Once a few of them jumped in and started swimming, she hopped out of the pool, grabbed her goggles and quickly swam to Daddy.  She just needed to decide on her own when she was ready...and have an audience, apparently.  And since then she hasn't stopped!
We've been working on teaching her to tread water so she can come up for air and she's starting to get it.

Jonathan has also been getting more and more comfortable in the water:

(The screaming you hear in the below video is not Jonathan.)

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