Road Trip to the Golan Heights

About a month ago, we took a road trip with some friends to the Golan Heights.  The main reason we went was so the kids could see snow.  Mt. Hermon is home to the only ski resort in Israel. 

The day we drove up we stopped at Nimrod Fortress and Banias Falls.

That's Mt. Hermon in the background.

 The kids tucked in bed the night before we head to see snow.
There was a lot more snow than we expected.

I way overexposed a lot of the pictures, but didn't want to trash them.

 Joanthan loved sledding!

Kaitlyn wasn't really interested in riding the sled.  She did like giving Daddy and Jonathan a push down.
Then after spending the morning not wanting to sled, she gave the boys a push and didn't let go. 

 Hot chocolate break!

 Back out in the cold to build a snowman.

 It's hard to see, but Jonathan is proudly sitting next to the snowman he helped build.

 Once the kids had enough of the snow we heading back down the mountain.  On our way home we stopped at another part Banias.

We had a nice afternoon hike to end our weekend.
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