Me Encanta Barcelona!

Our trip to Barcelona was amazing!  It's a beautiful city and the weather was perfect.  I will keep this short on words since this post is very photo heavy.  With such a picturesque city it was hard to cull through my favorites.
Day 1
Arriving in Barca.
Our cozy home-away-from-home for the next 5 nights.
Tapas for lunch.  Photos of mom and dad by Kaitlyn.
Roaming the Born district.

 Just before Kaitlyn fell asleep,she reached for her brother's hand.  Proof that she loves that little guy.
Day 2
Outside of our apartment.
Just around the corner was the beautiful Santa Maria del Mar Church (built between 1329-1383).
 Plaza de Palau.  Our starting point most days.
After learning we didn't have enough cash (and no one took American Express) we decided to spend our first day at Zoo Barcelona.
"Kiki, no take my picture!"
Photo by Jonathan.
Barcelona Cathedral.
It's quite common to see these giants in ceremonies, festivals and celebrations.  Each city or region has their own.  We found a display of them along La Rambla.
Day 3
With money in our hands (thanks to Ron's dad for wiring us some) we were ready to explore more of the city.  We opted for the double decker, Bus Turisitc, as our mode of transportation.
Antoni Guadi's Casa Batlló.  Pretty cool!
Kaitlyn signed the guestbook.

Back on the double decker bus.
While we realize dining at the Hard Rock Cafe was very American of us, our bacon cheeseburger and pulled pork sandwiches were amazing!
Afterwards the kids got a little Valentine's Day treat.
La Rambla.  The most popular street in Barcelona.
La Boqueria Market.
I don't understand why anyone would need (or buy) lamb heads, but apparently they do.

 At the other end of La Rambla on the Christopher Columbus Monument.
Taking a break at the playground in Plaza de Palau.
Day 4
Taking the bus to the symbol of Barcelona (and Gaudi's dream), La Sagrada Familia.
This place was absolutely breathtaking!  Far from a traditional church in so many ways, but amazingly beautiful nonetheless.  It's still under construction after many years of finance problems, civil wars and disagreements.  They had hoped it would be complete in 2026 for the centennial of Gaudi's death, but they're not sure  it will meet the deadline.  The interior was only completed a few years ago.

Now heading to Montjuïc.
We decided to take the cable car down.
It gave us a beautiful view of the coast.
Kaitlyn was not liking it.
Jonathan on the other hand.  Luckily, after a few minutes Kaitlyn started to enjoy the ride.
After a lovely family nap, we got back on the bus to head back to Montjuic for the Magic Fountain Show.
Lights, water and music are brought together to for a fun show. 
 Kaitlyn was not a fan. She said it was too loud and wanted to leave.
Our only family photo from our trip and Jonathan did not want to cooperate.
The music in the magic fountain show changed from classical (and scary according to Kaitlyn) to Top 40.  That (and a little ice cream) made all the difference for Kaitlyn. 
We were grooving to the tunes.
Day 5
We decided to take a morning stroll to Starbucks.  Yay!  On the way we passed the Santa Maria del Mar Church.
I just loved all the little alley ways, narrow streets and cute sidewalk cafes.
Starbucks made our morning!  
 Afterwards we went to Park Guell---another Guadi designed site.
We walked to the metro so the boys could take the "choo choo". 

Kaitlyn was not cool with the underground transportation so the girls took a taxi and we all met up at the Hard Rock Cafe.  We couldn't head back to Israel without indulging in one more yummy meal.
Kaitlyn and I passed the Arc de Triomf on the way back to the apartment.
While Ron and the kids took a nap, I went for a walk through the busy streets.  I could have roamed the area for hours.
Once everyone was rested, we decided to spend our last night at the Barcelona Aquarium.
 The kids loved sitting on the moving walkway pretending they were suitcases.  You can tell they travel a lot.

The ugliest fish we've ever seen.

Even princesses can work on a submarine.
When we passed the Santa Maria del Mar Church for the last time, we stumbled upon quite a scene.  A small orchestra and those Catalan giants I mentioned earlier in some sort of ceremony.
Barcelona was absolutely awesome!  I wasn't ready to leave and hope we'll have the opportunity to visit again.

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Shawn Burke said...

Awesome pictures. Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves.

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