Palm Sunday in Jerusalem

Yesterday we spent the day in Jerusalem with our friends, The Revelles.  We attended Palm Sunday mass at a small chapel in the Notre Dame Center of Jerusalem.  

The service began outside with the blessing of the palms then there was short procession around the building into the chapel.

After mass we walked along the Old City on our way to have lunch.
Our cool girl was ready to eat!
I had yet to visit the Western Wall so we made a quick stop at the most sacred site recognized by the Jewish faith.

There is a separate section for men and women.  Since I was the only one who had never been to the wall, just the ladies went up to it.
 Dome of the Rock peeking out from the other side of the Wall.
Afterwards, we started to make our way up the Mt.of Olives to the starting point of the procession, the Church of Bethphage.
It was a very steep walk up the mountain.

The Church of Bethphage.  The starting point of 'Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem'.
The procession begins.

Groups from various parishes held signs as they walked.

We joined the crowd near a lively group of Filipino parishioners.  There was a lot of singing and dancing.
Per usual, Kaitlyn was not enjoying the loud crowd.
She later got used to it and realized everyone was having a good time.
A part of the procession that was ahead of us.

We got a beautiful view of the Old City as we descended down the mountain.

Stan was interested in trying out the kid carrier and Ron was happy to shed the load for a bit.  Kaitlyn had the best seat in the house.  Jonathan slept in the stroller most of the way down.
Almost at the end.

We decided to skip the final stretch up into the Old City via the Lions Gate.
Instead, we walked along the perimeter and entered the Damascus Gate for dinner of falafel and tabouleh before heading home.
It was an exhausting day, but the kids were troopers and we can now say we've participated in something so few get to do.  Here is a short clip I found on YouTube of the procession. You get a good idea of how lively and joyous it was.  Coincidentally, we were near the person who filmed this clip.  I recognize the signs and songs.


Kaitlyn's School Party

We did a lot of celebrating for Kaitlyn's birthday this year.  Her big party was on Saturday, her actual birthday was Sunday and on Monday she had a party at her school.  It was nice to drop off everything  and have the school set up and to see Kaitlyn interact with her classmates.
She sat at the front of the room and all eyes were on her.  And if you know Kaitlyn, you know that means way more attention than she cares for.  The birthday girl had a special hat, cape and necklace to wear, but she wasn't interested.

 The class sang songs, played games and danced.

 Each child in the class came up to give Kaitlyn a hug.

Her very good friend, Amelie, presented Kaitlyn with a book of pictures all drawn especially for her by her classmates.
They also gave her a gift.  It was a cute magnetic fairy dress up book. 

 Then it was time for cake!

She was even too shy to blow out the candles so Amelie helped her out.
Contrary to the look on her face, she did have a good time.  She's just not one that likes having the attention on her. 

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