Happy 4th Birthday, Kaitlyn!

I'm playing catchup on some long overdue posts.

Our spunky little princess turned 4 last month and we had a fun princess and prince party to celebrate!

Because this was our last birthday party in Israel, we decided to invite all of Kaitlyn's friends--that meant 26 kids plus their parents.  We figured the best place to have the party would be the Rec Center where we'd have plenty of space and wouldn't have much clean up.  Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate so we had to move the party to our place.  Yikes!  It all turned out well and we learned that our house/yard actually works for hosting a large crowd. 

Our friend, Michelle, made this beautiful princess castle cake.  Kaitlyn loved it! 

Happy birthday, sweet girl! 

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Grandma said...

WOW how will you ever follow this ???Great pictures. xoxoxo

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