2014 Year in Review

I am obviously and absolutely not a consistent blogger, despite my resolution to be better...maybe in 2015?  However, I think I can take pride in the fact that these year-in-reviews are a reliable feature here.  Once again, it's been a great year!

Early 2014 brought lots of snow!  When we moved here, everyone told us the winters were mild in Northern Virginia.  They LIED!  We did enjoy it, though.


Kaitlyn turned 5!!

I took a quick trip to Miami to attend Janeysa's baby shower.

Followed by more snow!!

Mom, Dad and Zachary came for a visit and we saw the sites in D.C.

We celebrated Easter.

Mother's Day started with a yummy brunch at Blue Ridge Grill.

We enjoyed our first hike at Shenandoah National Park.

Kaitlyn graduated from Pre-K! 

 The pool opened for the season and we took advantage of some fun in the sun.  Although, it was a little cold for our blood.  

We celebrated the best dad on Father's Day.

We had lots of fun at a local carnival.

We hosted a fun 4th of July with great friends and neighbors.

We went back to Sugar Loaf Mountain for a fun day when Lisa, Barby and the kids visited.

Ron ran the Merrell Down & Dirty obstacle race.

We enjoyed a visit from Mom and Dad T.

With the help of Dad T., we built our first piece of furniture!

Jonathan turned 4!!

Kaitlyn started kindergarten!

And Jonathan started Pre-K!

He also started playing soccer.  It was slow-going at first, but he learned to love it!

I ran/walked the Color Run 5K.

 We built our second piece of furniture.

 We saw Frozen on Ice and it was pure magic!

We had lots of fun trick-or-treating with friends.

We took a trip to Cleveland to see Ron's extended family.  The kids love PJ!

We had our first snow of the season. 

Ron re-finished a coffee table a friend gave us.  He did a great job!

Ron was a dare-devil when it came to getting the house ready for Christmas.

Christmas morning was so much fun!

We enjoyed a beautiful day at a winery when Janeysa, Frank and Valeria came for a visit.

Cheers and best wishes to you all for a 2015 filled with happiness, love and great memories.


Jonathan is 4!

I can't believe our little guy is 4 years old!  Unfortunately, the night before his birthday he had a fever, which meant we had to postpone his party.  He woke up the next day feeling fine with no sign of a fever...weird. He still had a great day even though there was no party.

Luckily, all of his friends were able to celebrate with us on the following Saturday.  He had been obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so we ran with that theme and had a totally tubular time!

Happy Birthday to the most handsome 4 year old we know!!
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