The Rest of January 2015

Because the rest of January flew by, here are a few quick snapshots of what we did the rest of the month.

Ron made this addition for our laundry room to help contain the clutter of wet snow gear that gets dumped around the house.  

The kids and I got an up-close look at the neighborhood fox.  It was pretty neat to see him just chilling in our backyard.

Kaitlyn has been perfecting her gymnastics skills with her favorite coach.

And she and I had a girls only date to see Annie.  We both loved it!

The kids have been enrolled in our local Nature Club.  Jonathan takes a class weekly and Kaitlyn's is twice a month.  They've both enjoyed learning about animals and taking nature walks....even in the cold!

After a longer-than-expected break, Kaitlyn was back in the gym for gymnastics classes.  Unfortunately, the time off meant she wasn't comfortable just running back out there.  Once she warmed up (lots of coaxing and encouraging on Mommy and Daddy's part), she was back to wowing us with her skills.

Mom and Dad T arrived in January, which meant lots of fun in the kitchen!

Ron and I came home to this cuteness after a date night.

This little rascal is a great shopping buddy. :)

Mom T, Kaitlyn and I went to see the local high school production of Shrek the Musical with our neighborhood friends.  It was a great show!

We had s
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