Our Horse-Obsessed 5-Year-Old

This past year, we implemented the birthday-parties-every-other-year-rule.  With the kids being only 18 months apart, that meant I was planning a party every 6 months.  That got tiresome...and expensive.  Instead of a party this year, Jonathan decided he wanted to go horseback riding.  He has been smitten by horses for a while and he is definitely our animal lover (although, Kaitlyn does say she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up, she has a fear of dogs...and cats...and camels.  Go figure.).

Jonathan turned 5 in August, but we couldn't get an appointment at the farm we were interested in until early November.  (Yes, I'm a wee bit behind on my blogging.)  He had an amazing time and it was so much fun to see him having the time of his life. I'm sure he's still plotting a way buy a horse trailer and convince us that the HOA would be OK with a horse in our back yard. 

"Angel" was the horse assigned to Jonathan.  They quickly became best buds!

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