Spring Break Snipets

We've returned from a super fun Spring Break week in Miami!  It was jam packed with activities and lots of quality time with family and friends.  Here's a quick recap:
Goofy leprechauns waiting for our flight to MIA.
 The kids were eager to hop in Nana and Papa G's hot tub!

We were lucky to be in town for the Pinecrest Gardens Eggstravaganza.

And the main reason for our visit was to attend Ron's sister's wedding!  Everything was absolutely gorgeous...especially the brides.  Stunning!

We spent an evening at the Miami-Dade Youth Fair.

It's a little difficult to eat corn on the cob when you're missing so many teeth, but she accepted that challenge!

Mom and Dad unknowingly photobombing our selfie as they try to figure out how to take their own. :)

J-bird milked a cow.

Even thought it was cooler than normal, the kids spent a lot of time in Nana and Papa T's pool.

 Lunch with friends...

Dinner and drinks with friends...."5 limes!"

An impromptu lunch with Liane and the kids.

 Birthday celebrations....Madison is 10!

 More lounging in the pool (even though he was shivering).

...and Easter egg decorating.

 It was a fantastic week and we can't wait until our next visit!


Shawn Burke said...

I noticed you met up with Liane at Cracker Barrel. Everytime I go there it reminds me of the last time we were all together and decided to take an impromptu trip to the emergency room. Ah, memories.

Michelle said...

Yep! It was my first trip back to a CB. I felt like I was betraying Jonathan. He still says he never wants to go there whenever we pass one.

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