Rolling Thunder 2016

Every year on the day before Memorial Day, hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists descend on Washington, D.C. for Rolling Thunder, the world's largest single-day motorcycle event.  Rolling Thunder started in 1988 as a show of support for service members who were left behind after the Vietnam War and has evolved into a display of patriotism and respect for all who defend our country.

We decided to hop in the car last week to go check it out.   Bikes were parked along every sidewalk and street in the DC area.  The kids were in awe with the number of motorcycles.  We got great seats right along Constitution Avenue and arrived just as the police motorcycles lead the pack.  

It was a fun experience.  Jonathan really loved it, but Kaitlyn was not happy with the deafening sounds of the loud engines so we didn't stay too long.  


Celebrations, Awards and a Quick Visit from Auntie Di!

Last week we had lots to celebrate as we watched Jonathan graduate from kindergarten and Kaitlyn receive her end-of-the year awards.  This year has flown by so fast and we can't believe how much they've both grown in such a short time period.  We are so proud of the both of them!

He wasn't ready to crack a single smiles for us.

Each child is given an award and Jonathan received the "Fantastic Achievement" Award

The best kindergarten teachers!  We're so lucky to have had them teach both our kiddos.

Receiving her "Arts and Sports Achievement" Award.  All students who attended or participated in 10 or more sports, art programs or music lessons/events were eligible for this award.

Kaitlyn was awarded with the "Cooperation Award" for her class.

Kaitlyn loved her first grade teacher!

One other fun part of the week was the visit from Auntie Di!  We were so happy to have her here and look forward to her next visit, which will hopefully be a longer one.


Field Day

The kids had their annual school field day earlier this week.  Jonathan's class got to head to school bright and early so they could participate with the rest of the school.  (Our county does half-day kindergarten, three morning classes and three afternoon classes.  Jonathan is an afternooner.)  They had a blast rotating through the stations of activities and I think it's safe to say they loved the water activities the most!

Here's a clip of them in action....

The kindergartners headed to the pool afterwards.


Kindergarten Field Trip: Let's Bowl

Earlier this week, Jonathan went on his first off-site field trip as kindergartner.  Each year, the kg classes go bowling to practice subtraction.  Surprisingly, this was Jonathan's first time ever bowling.  Oops, I guess we just never think to go bowling.  :)

Each student had their own book and there was a page for each frame.

These are the classmates he shared his lane with.

Final scores.

He had such a great class this year!

And the best kindergarten teachers ever!  

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