Skiing at Roundtop Mountain Resort

Last weekend we took advantage of a Scouts Day discount at Roundtop Mountain Ski Resort and ventured to Pennsylvania for our first ski trip as a family.  It had been over 10 years since Ron or I skied and the only 2 other times I've been skiing/snow boarding, it wasn't pretty.  I was quite nervous about getting my 40 year-old on the snow!

We've had quite a warm winter so most of the snow was man-made.  The 2 other resorts in the area were already closed for the season because they couldn't keep up with the warmer temps.
Waiting , waiting and waiting for skis.

We got to Roundtop shortly after 10 a.m., but because of increased crowds it took us nearly 2 hours to get our equipment and get out onto the slopes.  Naturally, we started on the bunny slope and the kids took off without hesitation...and were awesome!  Ron took them up the ski lift to the next biggest slope and they made their way down like complete naturals!

Up until this point, I was sitting on the sidelines.  When Ron was getting the kids comfortable on their skis, I was too afraid to attempt it alone.  Luckily, the kids didn't need Ron for long and he was able to help me out.  We all went back up the ski lift and I attempted to make my way down.  It was a much longer (and more painful) process for me.  The kids beat me down the slope by at least 10 minutes.  Ron stuck by my side, which I appreciated because every time I fell, I needed help getting up.  Or help untangling my skis/legs.  And there was a lot of falling on my part...if I thought I was going too fast or if someone else was even remotely in my path, I aborted the mission and fell.  I'm still surprised and thankful that I left there with no injuries.

For your entertainment, Ron got some clips:

We took a late lunch break and met up with our neighbors.  I gave the slopes one more shot then called it quits for the day.  Ron and the kids continued to ski until the sun went down.

Jonathan was a pro and ventured to the next biggest slope with Ron.  He did amazingly well!

Despite the slow start, we ended up having a great day!  The kids loved skiing and are already asking to go again.  I'm still counting my lucky stars that I didn't break a bone!  Although, I am still sore and bruised. :)

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