VIPS at the Globetrotters Game

Last weekend our friends Chris and Katie invited us to a Harlem Globetrotters game to celebrate their son's (and Jonathan's best bud's) birthday.  Katie' brother-in-law, Zoli, is one of the producers for the Globetrotters and got us some great seats a few rows up from the court.  Shortly after we got settled in our seats, he came over to us and walked us down to even better seats--on the opposing teams bench! It was nice to get the VIP treatment!

A member of the opposing team was telling the boys they weren't
allowed to cheer for the Globetrotters if they were sitting on his bench!

We were excited that "Flight Time" was part of the team we were at.  We cheered him and
his teammate, "Big Easy", on when they competed in three seasons of The Amazing Race.  

We were even more excited when he came and sat between the girl on the bench!

Best Buds!

We loved watching "Ace", one of the female Globetrotters!

Zoli was able to get each of the kids a program and after the game, we got escorted around the court for a personal meet and greet with the team. 

Redskins offensive tackle, Morgan Moses, was at the game and took part in the game.

Katie and I had to hop in the pic with "Flight Time".

Here's a clip of some of the action:

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