The Kids are Piranhas!

Both kids started their first seasons of summer swim team this year.  While Kaitlyn has always been a strong swimmer, Jonathan is usually hesitant about getting in the water at the beginning of each summer.  But this year, after he passed the swim eval and made the team, he was eager to hop in everyday.  They practice every weekday morning for 45 minutes and there is a swim meet every Wednesday evening (B-Meets) and another on Saturday (A-Meets) mornings.  Everyone gets to swim three events at Wednesday meets, but only the top 3 swimmers in each event get to swim on Saturdays.

It's amazing how far they've come in just a few weeks!  Jonathan started out struggling through some of the first practices and once they started back stroke, I joked that if there weren't already a coach in the pool with him, I'm pretty sure someone may think he was drowning and jump in to save him.  He really struggled to stay afloat and the coaches let him opt-out of backstroke for their time trials.
After the first week of morning practices (once school was out), Kaitlyn was chosen as "Swimmer of the Week" for her age group.

So far, it's been a fun summer activity.  It gets us out of the house every morning and they get to spend time with friends while they're at the pool.  And every Friday they get donuts after practice, so Friday's are particularly exciting!

 These are the kids' original times for different events at trials.

The (mostly) whole team!  Jonathan is 6th from the left on the bottom and Kaitlyn is 4th from the right on the bottom.

Last Saturday was the team's first A-Meet, which is competed for team points, team standings, etc.  Kaitlyn's coach asked her to swim breast and butterfly for that meet, which was really cool because only 3 girls from her age group got chosen.  She was pretty reluctant to swim fly because she said she was "bad" at it.  I think she felt that way because it was new and unnatural to her still.  With a little coaxing from her coach, she agreed to swim it and before we knew it she and I hit the road at 6:30am Saturday morning to get to the opposing team's pool.

She was a bit nervous, but she said once she finished warming up she felt better about swimming fly.  It was so much fun watching her and cheering her on!  She came in last in both of her events, but she looked like a pro. :)  I was afraid her last-place finishes would discourage her, but she seemed to understand that this was her first year and she still had a lot to learn to get better and she was lucky to even get chosen to swim in this meet. 

Check out the video of her events here. (She is in the lane closest to the camera in each event).

Kaitlyn's results from the meet (the red names are our team):

The next meet is tonight!  Jonathan will compete in his first meet swimming freestyle and backstroke and Kaitlyn will be swimming freestyle, back stroke and breast stroke.  Go Piranhas!


Jonathan's Little League Season

Jonathan just completed his first season of Little League baseball.  He was in the Instructional Rookie level of our league, which means it was coach-pitch and if the player doesn't hit the ball after so many pitches, he can use the tee.  His team was the Sand Gnats--not the fiercest name, but each team is named after a minor league team.

Ron was the assistant coach for the team and I think it's pretty safe to say they both really enjoyed it the season!


Kaitlyn's First Holy Communion

I am WAY behind on any sort of blogging, but I'm trying to go back and post some of the bigger moments that have happened this year.  Mainly because I love being able to pull up the blog from anywhere and take a quick walk down memory lane.  

So, a major event in our household took place just over a month ago...April 29th, Kaitlyn received her First Holy Communion!  I took the first few pictures a few weeks before the actual day so I could get some nice photos without a full church and being rushed on the actual day.

This was the only photo I got just before the mass started.  The church highly discouraged photos or videos during the service.

They did have professional photographers near the altar and Fr. Guest gifted everyone with a photo of their child during the mass.

It was a beautiful day!  Kaitlyn was quite proud and was even eager to go to mass again the next day so she could receive communion again.
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