Jonathan's Little League Season

Jonathan just completed his first season of Little League baseball.  He was in the Instructional Rookie level of our league, which means it was coach-pitch and if the player doesn't hit the ball after so many pitches, he can use the tee.  His team was the Sand Gnats--not the fiercest name, but each team is named after a minor league team.

Ron was the assistant coach for the team and I think it's pretty safe to say they both really enjoyed it the season!


Kaitlyn's First Holy Communion

I am WAY behind on any sort of blogging, but I'm trying to go back and post some of the bigger moments that have happened this year.  Mainly because I love being able to pull up the blog from anywhere and take a quick walk down memory lane.  

So, a major event in our household took place just over a month ago...April 29th, Kaitlyn received her First Holy Communion!  I took the first few pictures a few weeks before the actual day so I could get some nice photos without a full church and being rushed on the actual day.

This was the only photo I got just before the mass started.  The church highly discouraged photos or videos during the service.

They did have professional photographers near the altar and Fr. Guest gifted everyone with a photo of their child during the mass.

It was a beautiful day!  Kaitlyn was quite proud and was even eager to go to mass again the next day so she could receive communion again.
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