Happy Birthday, America!

Earlier this month, we hosted our annual 4th of July barbecue.  We had a great afternoon/evening surrounded by great friends.  Thanks to some neighbors that pay the big bucks for fireworks, we had a pretty good show.  



Cobb Island Weekend 2017

Last weekend we took our annual trip to Cobb Island, MD with Chris and Katie and family.  The days were filled with kayaking, boating, fishing and fun.  Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.  We always enjoy our weekend at the River!

Day 1

Katie and I drove down with the kids Friday afternoon just after lunch.  We figured we'd get a heard start on getting the house set up.  Chris and Ron met us there later that night after they got off work.

Before we could finish unpacking, the girls were in the kayaks.

Day 2

Ron spent Saturday morning blowing up ALL the inflatables.  There was no shortage of flotation options.
Ron and Ryan tested out the little row boat.


Despite many jellyfish sightings, each day the girls got a little more adventurous with how far from the shore they'd go.  

The boys usually stayed a little closer to shore.

Kaitlyn was able to meditate while Daddy kept her from floating away.

J-Bird occasionally got brave and wandered out.

After a day of boating, a beer was in order.

It was short-lived, but this was the closest the parents got to relaxing,

Day 3

Jonathan was playing Captain.

Ron took the kids to the playground down the street.  When the rest of the kids headed back to the house for a nap, he and Jonathan snuggled up for a snooze in the hammock.

He's the King of the World!

Jonathan's first of many catches.

The final sunset of our trip.

The final night at the River House means S'MORES!

Day 4

Our last morning there meant the kids went fishing in their PJs.  

Thanks again to our great friends for inviting us back this year!
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