Father's Day Camping Trip

On Father's Day weekend, our friends invited us to tag along for a night camping.  There really is no more of a perfect weekend for Ron!  He would have preferred a bit more primitive of a site, but the kids voted to go where their friends were going.  I was happy to have the extra company (and entertainment for the kids) for the night.

We left the house Saturday morning and headed to Burke Lake Park to stake out the perfect site.
Playing at the camp playground while waiting for our campsite to become available.

Once the campsite was all setup, we did some canoeing, some fishing and some chilling.


Our home for the night.  Our tent is on the left behind our car and our friends' is on the right.

Snuggle time with my favorite little man.

The girls waiting for their turn in the canoe.

 Mama even made it out on the canoe!

The best canoe captain!

Dinner time!

This guy loved sleeping in the outdoors!  He slept later than anyone and later than he normally does at home!
A quick game of corn-hole before we packed up camp.

We had a great night and everyone actually slept really well.  I'm sure Ron is already planning our next trip out!

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