2018 Cub Scouts Rain Gutter Regatta

A short entry to capture Jonathan's 2018 Rain Gutter Regatta with Cub Scouts.  The regatta is one of the first events of the school year for the boys and normally takes place the first weekend after school starts. 

We were late preparing for the regatta so we assembled his boat the day before the event and didn't have much time to decorate it.  I grabbed Michelle's colored permanent markers and Jonathan went to work.  His boat was unique in design and became known as the "Rainbow Cruiser" during the event.  I still think he was motivated by some awesome catamaran he saw in the Florida Keys at some point :)

I guess Jonathan has a good set of lungs on him, he did really good blowing his boat down the gutter. He had the fastest boat in his Den and came in second place overall for the Pack.  He was super excited and had a lot of fun.  The clear highlight for him was when kids were chanting "RAINBOW RAINBOW RAINBOW" as he continued to advance throughout the heats.  Of course, my phone died so I don't have videos of it.  The last two pics in the video were the final two races where he lost out to an older Scout.  He had a great time and ended up receiving a second place trophy at a future Pack meeting!

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