Spray Paint Art

Kaitlyn recently started watching spray paint art videos and seems to appreciate the artistic creativeness involved.  She's always enjoyed art-related activities so this was not a big suprise.  She found a really cool spray paint artist on YouTube named Skech and she's probably watched around 20 of his art videos.  This morning she asked if we had any spray paint materials around the house for her to try it out.  I was happy to obligue and let her have fun with it.  She created her own stencil for the clouds after watching one of Skech's videos and it turned out pretty nice.

Michelle and I were both very surprised with her first few pieces, she impressed us both.  Jonthan was soon wanting to test his hand with the cans and made a few pictures of his own.  Here are several pics from their first day of playing around. 

We started out under the trampoline to keep her in the shade and away from the house.  If you look, you can see Jonathan's impression on the trampoline above her...he was watching through the netting  :)

Here's her first finished piece...we absolutely love it!  Daddy called dibs on keeping this one.

Her second piece

Jonathan wanted in on the action as well...

It was really cute listening to Kaitlyn help him and seeing them work together.

They spent a few hours playing around today testing out differnet colors and trying things they've seen online.  Here are some of their works...


Another one of J's.

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