Dirt Biking in Warsaw - 27 March 2021

 A quick post to share our recent trip to Drive Position in Warsaw for some dirt biking fun.  This was our second time at the track and Jonathan loved it. There was some type of advanced riding or racing class going on so Jonathan would take a break while the advanced riders were on track.  At the end of the day when the race class appeared to be finished and the guys exited the track, Jonathan hopped back on for a few more laps.  Some of the advanced riders jumped back on for a few more laps as well and Jonathan enjoyed riding with them.  I let him stay on for a few laps before having him come off, he was more of a liability out there since he was so much slower.  Anyhow, a few pics and videos to share.  Enjoy.


Zakopane, Poland - Winter Break, Feb 2021

After 6 months in Poland, covid numbers were on the decline and different parts of the country were beginning to open.  This included the popular ski town of Zakopane in the southern part of the country near the Slovakian border.  The slopes opened a week or two before and they actually hosted the World Cup Ski Jump Qualifications at one of the slopes the weekend prior.  We had a great time and were happy to break up the monotony of being restricted to Warsaw.  
Michelle was quite restricted due to her knee so she didn't participate in skiing but we did get her on a short sled ride.  In addition to sledding and skiing, the kids got to spend time with a pack of Huskies before going on a 2.5 kilometre dog sled ride (led by the former 2-time Polish dog sledding champion).  Kaitlyn and Jonathan both did some skiing and Jonathan tried snowboarding and hit one of the bigger slopes with me.  We had an excellent trip and will be sure to return next winter.

Enjoy the pics and video.

Videos of sledding, skiing, and dogs.

Jonathan's dog sledding trip.  The video is a bit long (11 minutes) so you can skip to the following parts if you want: the beginning is cool, at 4:13 the dogs go off course a bit so you hear the guy yelling at them, at 9:50 they're moving pretty quick (you can see J blocking his eyes from the snow and ice the dogs are kicking up), and the ending is cool as well.

Jonathan going down the big slope at Polana Szymoszkowa ski resort:

This is "Arrow" and it was one of Jonathan's favorites.  


Visit to Łazienki Park - 1/31/2021

On Sunday, 31 January, we took a trip to check out one of the local parks we see and pass frequently in downtown Warsaw.  The park's name is Łazienki Park and is pronounced Waz-yen-ki.  It was cold and snowy out but it was SUNNY, which meant we were going to find something to do outdoors.  This large and sprawling park has a variety of walking paths, museums, monuments and beautiful vistas.  It will be nice to return to this park when it's warmer out to see the gardens, lakes, and tree-covered paths.  We spent about 2 hours walking around and had a fun time exploring.

Mama and her sweet little cuddler

Ujazdów Castle and now an art museum.

A view of the frozen pond behind the castle. 

View of the castle from the pond.

"Palace on the Isle".  There's a pond that leads to the palace but it's frozen over and covered in snow.

Closer view of Palace on the Isle with Keeks.

There were a few "wild" peacocks roaming around the palace that the kids loved seeing.

Palace of the Isle from the opposite side.

Amphitheatre at Palace of the Isle with Michelle in attendance :) 

The kids found a hiding spot they liked.

J-bird being goofy walking around with snow on his head.

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