Soreq Cave

A couple of weekends ago we took a trip to the Soreq Cave, known for its concentration of stalactites in the Judean hills not far from Jerusalem.
Stalactites are secondary minerals that hang from the ceiling of limestone caves. The corresponding formation on the floor of the cave is known as a stalagmite.  These grow at an estimated 1cm every 50 years.
Kaitlyn was not at all happy to be there.  The entire drive there, she told us that she didn't want to go into the cave.  We kept trying to convince her how fun it was going to be.  When we first went in, she started to really protest being there.  I didn't think we'd get much further and I'd have to go back out with her, but once Ron told her that Dora had been in the cave and there was nothing to be scared of, she started to realize it was all really cool.

It was pretty neat to be in the dark, humid cave and knowing that some of the stalactites around us date back some 300,000 years.
Some of the stalactites found in the cave are four meters long and meet stalagmites to form stone pillars.

Some of the stalactites continue to grow as water very slowly drips down.  The two photos below are what they refer to as "Romeo and Juliet".  The stalactite (from the ceiling) has dried up and will no longer drip down, meaning this particular stalactite and stalagmite will never meet. Awww.

After spending some time in the cave, we went to a town named Abu Ghosh for some lunch.  Ron was very happy to see a sign that read "Lebanese Food Restaurant" so that's where we stopped.
Kaitlyn and Jonathan loved the falafel and we all enjoyed a yummy middle eastern lunch. 
It was a great day!

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Nana G said...

Awesome! Zach looked at the pictures with me and he said. "I want to go there" xoxo

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