Kaitlyn is swimming again!

On Monday afternoon while Jonathan napped, Kaitlyn and I were playing downstairs.  Out of nowhere, she looked at me and said, "Maaaybe, we can go to the pool."  She hadn't been to the pool in a few weeks and since she asked for it so out-of-the-blue I thought it would be a nice change.  We got Jonathan up from his nap, packed a bag and headed out the door.  I told Kaitlyn we would just be going to the kiddie pool because Mommy wasn't going in the water and she was fine with that.  We were the only ones there and Kaitlyn immediately hopped in and started splashing around.  She shocked me with how well she was kicking and how easily she was putting her face underwater.  Here's a video from Day 1: (Side note: At the beginning, she's talking about 2 Kikis that she sees in my sunglasses and then she goes on to talk in some random language you probably don't understand. Nobody does.  Kaitlyn has recently started babbling in her own language.  It's pretty funny.)

I decided to take her back the next morning to take advantage of her newfound comfort with the water.  She blew me away this time!  She had improved overnight and was loving the water!  We met my friend Rachel and her son Stanley and the kids had so much fun.  As you'll see in this next video, there are times where she's actually swimming and not using her hands on the floor of the pool to move along.  She also started practicing her soon-to-be-famous belly flop.

I was eager to get her in the big pool to get her to swim to the stairs.  Once we were there she wouldn't let me come near her for fear that I would make her swim.  After we played on the stairs, I finally got a hold of her and told her we were going to practice swimming.  She didn't want to, but I explained it was just like she was doing in the kiddie pool.  The first time she did it, she got to the steps and cried, but didn't get out of the pool like she usually does.  I took her again and she swam to the steps one more time, again crying that she was "all done" when she sat on the steps.  I told her she was doing so well and we would do it three more times.  Just like last summer, once she did it a few times she stopped crying and started to enjoy it.  She was more comfortable with it and was even shyly grinning with pride.  On the last swim, she said "Look, Jonathan, I'm going to swim!"  He was sitting in his stroller poolside admiring his big sister.

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